The Winter 2021 Wrestling Thread! Featuring: Wrestle Kingdom 15! The Royal Rumle! AEW Revolution! Some Other Bollix!

yeah jungle boy and dax was really fucking good old school wrestling, big fan


Mia Yim tested positive for the rona, presume that means Keith Lee out of the rumble

Oof that would be such shit timing

He’s been off tv for 2 or 3 weeks already hasn’t he? Could have been isolating

Wasn’t that cuz he got sent back to the PC

Four spots left lads and Ma0sm not getting my joke!

I think it’s just been a mystery why he’s not been there. He was main eventing three weeks ago, would seem weird for the extra training to have taken him off tv completely when Otis is still fucking around. Reckon this is a more likely explanation but with absolutely no evidence

He’s been on Raw since then, that was before the last ppv I think

It’ll (possibly) stop people moaning when he doesn’t win, at least

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Yeah but then if he does get pulled people will be like “it was supposed to be his year!!!”

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If anyone has 2 hours spare;

Wonder if they signed Jay White since the 19th. I have no idea where he’d fit in 2020 wwe but if he does debut I’d expect him to get shipped off to nxt maybe? Even Joe and Nak had a stint there, don’t think White is quite AJ Styles level to skip that part. Would be a huge get for them in any event.

I know it’s very odd this year but it’s 2021 :wink:

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Surely at this point NXT is the kiss of death? Just seems a place for people to mill around a bit before being unceremoniously spat onto the main roster, where they might get a brief honeymoon period before getting buried for sneezing in Vince’s earshot.

Given AJ Styles worked out better than most and is getting on, I reckon it would be worth a punt at making White a big deal and sticking him straight on the main roster.

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Watched the first episode of Icons on Yokozuna. It’s good but very much from a WWE protective lense (as expected really) interestingly no mention of Umaga

Wasn’t the word that Jay White has a 7 (seven) year contract with NJPW and so is unlikely to be doing anything except an angle with his current direction?

I really can’t see him turning up BUT


Good finish and result. Can’t wait for Brock Lesnar to win the men’s and spoil that.

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Please no

I missed it, what happened?!