THE WINTER 2023 WRESTLING THREAD (feat. WK17! The Great Muta Retires! The Royal Rumble! AEW Revolution! & More!)


Just watching back the Cody / Eli match, fair play to the lad he’s over-over. Remains to be seen if he can carry the whole company once Roman’s off but I think he’s genuinely got as good a chance as anyone.

yeah I watched Smackdown yesterday and it’s mad how over he was in the opening segment… without even really doing anything?

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Think I’ve said it before but his slightly actor-y promos came off as inauthentic in AEW but in WWE it just seems well produced (probably because it’s better than the scripted dreck they give everyone else). Just seems to have really connected with the family demo too which is huge in the Fed. Unsure when Brock’s retiring but they’ve got to do Cody-Brock right? Money on the table there.


that’s true they specifically shot a father and child singing along to Cody’s theme during his entrance

The MJF rebarmitzvah was great. I popped big when he fell into his cake.


For all people were saying wwe dropped the ball by having Cody against Reigns and Sami/Kevin vs The Usos as the two guess, no one has told the fans at shows that.

Didn’t realise Roman was still this bad on the stick
Good reactions though

don’t think that was bad at all. think he’s decent to good with these sort of expositiony promos, probably doesn’t have a memorable money promo in him but that’s fine, he has heyman

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Just kind of obvious line reciting to me, he was even getting what’ed, but different strokes I guess. From what I’ve seen on the clips the Cena match and the Usos match is getting bigger reactions. Also Dominick.


Don’t forget the Maximum Male Models!




May 2001

Grandmaster Sexay has been unleashed on the mic while Scotty is injured and it’s painful. Maybe the most annoying wrestler ever. Steve Blackman dancing is money, though.

Stone Cold’s character after his heel turn is horrible. Don’t like watching him, it’s a way too realistic portrayal of a nasty piece of work. The scenes of him bossing Debra around are particularly :face_with_peeking_eye::grimacing:

Tajiri is here!!

Regal, Angle and Edge and Christian are consistently the highlights of each show. I am way less into Foley and Jericho than I was as a kid.

Must only be a week or so before fucking Hugh Morrus shows up :weary:

Skipping 90% of the matches and every Undertaker and HHH promo is the way to watch this shite. Whizzing through it, having a whale of a time.


fuck right off


Undertaker at this time was utterly awful. He was immobile, full on beer gut, nothing interesting in his matches.

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The only time I can remember enjoying him is the HIAC era and his HBK matches at 25 and 26. Will be interested to see if there’s anything I like from 2003-2007, as I missed those years first time round.


JBL, Great Khali, Mark Henry, nothing but gold.

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Has a couple belters with Lesnar in 2002 tbf

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