Rewatching from the start with my wife (her first viewing) this autumn/winter. I liked 3 best first time round, I loved how it built on 1 and gave some resolution, plus all the politics. Was a bit hmmmmm about 2 at the time, but as you say, think I’ll enjoy it more this time knowing it’s coming, if that makes sense. Loved sobotka though.

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Need to rewatch this, only seen them all once. Don’t have much more to add except this great 2009 Wire s2 related tune from the sadly departed I Concur;

I know everyone hates Ziggy as a character but he was much easier to empathise with than I remember. Nicky is much more of a dickhead IMO.

I appreciate we’re in the middle of an indie revisionist jerk-back but I’m not having this. Everything Nicky does makes complete sense in the same way Sobotka’s actions do. Ziggy is just endlessly, witlessly annoying, even if you accept the rationale for why he exists there’s no excuse for how much screen-time he gets.


What’d you just call me?! :wink:

Blurring the spoilers here so as not to ruin shit for TKC…

Sure, I didn’t say that Ziggy isn’t annoying, but that he’s actually a lot easier to empathise with and actually far more of a realistic character than I remember him being. He does loads of stupid, ridiculous shit, but I think his behaviour actually makes as much sense as Frank and Nicky’s actions do. Re: the rationale for why he exists, I can definitely buy into it. Growing up in that household, repeatedly trying and failing to impress his dad, being desperate for the acceptance of the crew on the docks, constantly living in Nicky’s shadow… His portrayal is that of a sensitive kid out of his depth, beaing beaten down and eventually snapping.

On the other hand with Nicky, he starts out being a responsible foil to Ziggy’s idiot, refusing to be drawn into dealing drugs etc. and ends up revealing himself as an arrogant picture of toxic masculinity that’s just as much of a failure, but can’t even really see it. He becomes so enamoured with the little success he has that he fails to see how his own actions are driving Ziggy’s behaviour to become increasingly erratic. And yeah, he shouldn’t be responsible for Ziggy’s behaviour, but it’s clear he’s taken that role so many times in the past that it’s the basis of their whole relationship. So, yeah, well written, perfectly logical behaviour. But a major dickhead.

Plus he has a Disturbed poster on his wall, which is possibly the best piece of character development in the whole series. :grinning:


dont know if i ahould be offended by the likes or not!!

re: humour

I first watched it when it was on BBC2, and I knew a fair bit about it as a result - basically that it was great and a massively complex tragedy about post-industrial America etc etc

So I’m watching the first episode, and it has that cold open with the Snot Boogie thing, with McNulty and the guy talking, that ends with this:

McNulty : If Snotboogie always stole the money, why’d you let him play?

Man On Stoop: Got to. This America, man

And I was like “woaaah, wow, man, that’s AMAZING, so deep, wow, cool”. And THEN the first scene of the actual show is them ripping the piss out of that.

And I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so hard.

Best TV show.


I was a bit nervous that it wasn’t going to be as good as I remember but re-watching it now has just confirmed in my mind that nothing else has come close to matching it when it’s at its best.


Always find it a bit sad when the cast turn up in other, far inferior shows - Bunny Colvin in Prison Break, Carcetti in Game of Thrones, everyone in The Walking Dead, etc. Michael B. Jordan might be the only one to have gone on to better things, and he was about 15 in Series 1.

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Or in video games like Daniels.

Apparently he auditioned for the roles of Bunk and Bubbles before getting Daniels. That’s really weird to think about…

As is this:

Fucking hell can you imagine?! (i really can’t)

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I wouldn’t worry about Carcetti. He’s a central presence in the greatest movie scene of all time.


And lest we forget:

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There’s nothing he won’t appear in, mind. Sall in the game I spose.

However daniels turning up in this is great


Spike Lee’s clearly a fan. He’s in 25th Hour too.

The missus asked me to meet her in a car park as we were both going to be driving past in opposite directions.

Parked like this, obvs



Took me ages to work me up to it but I’m trudging through the final series now. Every element of the mcnulty/journalist storyline makes me cringe; what we’re they thinking?

The rest of the story lines are pretty decent and it is good to see past characters revisited.


On final episode now. Kind of wish I could get a withering look from Big Cedric. Just to see what it would feel like. Got a lot of time for Gus.