The Wire (Season 1) spoilers allowed

I have seen The Wire in its entirety about a decade ago.

When I initially watched it it took until the televisions came out of the windows for it to click. This however, is clicking immediately in episode 1. You get the sense of good and bad no matter where the characters are coming from, their objectives, background, and on and on.

Maybe I just need a job where you get smashed with your colleagues. Shit like that don’t seem to happen anymore.

The characters in this, is there any better in recent televisual history?

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Credits rolling on ep 1, back in for 2? Hell yes, this is where TV binging began?

Damn, it is GOOD. No sign of Omar yet too so it’s only gonna get better…

Reckon an incredibly young Michael B Jordan has got to be the strangest thing to watch in the show these days. (That and spotting all the holes in McNulty’s accent knowing he’s British.)

Recall going back to watch Interview with the Vampire and Jumanji after Kirsten Dunst was massive in the Spider-Man films and it was very odd to see child her like that.