The Wonder, Florence Pugh (Netflix)

Yeah I think so - there’s a brief clothed sex scene and that’s it if that’s what you mean in terms of content

Watching it now, it’s ok, enjoying toby jones’s sideburns. Feel like the postmodern bits are extremely tacked on though, either make the whole thing bonkers or go full Eggers on the atmosphere.

I liked this a lot and thought that Pugh was excellent, as usual.

I don’t know that the behind the scenes bookends worked that well, and instead seemed like a way of bolstering up Niamh Algar’s role, after it felt like her talent was underused and her character’s potential was a little wasted.

Yeah thought this was great throughout, moved at a lovely pace with each “reveal” leading to a new set of questions

Totally agree with the post-modern bookends, weird weird choice. Also felt the end really hammered home the idea that they both had a new start together a bit much. Didn’t need to see them taking the family photo, then boarding the ship, then sitting down to dinner… just felt like a bit much for a film that had otherwise been successfuly subtle, but that’s a minor quibble really.

I thought this too, I didn’t mind the voice over but showing the actual film set really took me right out of it. I actually still really liked the film, great score and cinematography.

Yes as mentioned above, the bookends were very Brechtian. I didn’t mind them but equally could have done without them. Skilfully done though and underlined just how great Pugh is.

It was very striking when Kitty looked straight at the camera. Her voiceover seemed to set us up for a fully tragic ending so it was a very pleasant surprise when it wasn’t whatsoever.
It was nice to have Tom Burke too. Usually see him playing absolute cads and bounders so expected a heel turn which thankfully never materialised. With this and Living it was a good week for him.