The World According to The Guardian

  • :joy: < This emoji is hate speech
  • Terry Pratchett was shit (though you don’t need to read him to know that)
  • J-Corbz is toast and so is the rest of the party.
  • Nigel Slater’s really, really important


This film is problematic

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Seriously though

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Jonathan Jones thinks that Terry Pratchett was shit.

I don’t think that it’s an editorial line.

Thomas the Tank Engine is sexist, racist and classist.


Beyonce released 2016’s album of the year

why did p4k push this as well? Like did it even have any hits?

top 10’s pretty shambolic all-in really


if you’re doing it when you’re arguing/disagreeing, along with ‘lol’ you are probably a clueless schlub

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Maybe we should all buy her a coffee and then she wouldn’t have to come up with ridiculous commissions?

Cultural importance.

I made this point in the music thread yesterday - music journos now have less authority to tell you if music’s any good (because you can access it for free) so their MO now seems to be to establish their authority by telling you how contextually important an album is.

Not saying this as a criticism, just seems observable by my reckoning.

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I feel like it’s not nearly as smugly irking as :thinking: tbh

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“We need to discuss the political significance of emoji.”

Do we now? Need? To discuss that? The political significance of emoji? Righto.



really Theo? :thinking:


Or take on commissions which kind of make you less sympathetic to the fact she’s got a massive credit card bill to pay off

Always the first to get the shots in, you say… :thinking:

Pollution is contributing to global warming, slowly killing the planet and everything on it.


Oh hey it’s that one who called me a dickhead that time.

And also the journalist!!

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And I’d do it again. Don’t think I wouldn’t do it again!!


What the fuck is this from the Radiohead review:

“While Hail to the Thief skewered the Bush-Blair era, it’s possible A Moon Shaped Pool will provide the accidental soundtrack to the time of Trump.”

Like… erm… I’m lost.