The World According to The Guardian



Pollution is contributing to global warming, slowly killing the planet and everything on it.



Oh hey it’s that one who called me a dickhead that time.

And also the journalist!!


And I’d do it again. Don’t think I wouldn’t do it again!!


What the fuck is this from the Radiohead review:

“While Hail to the Thief skewered the Bush-Blair era, it’s possible A Moon Shaped Pool will provide the accidental soundtrack to the time of Trump.”

Like… erm… I’m lost.


Did you see the thing about him on the telly at the weekend, with the clip showing the Late Review Dream Team of Mark Lawson, Alison Pearson, Tom Paulin and Tony Parsons? All absolutely laying into him, except Parsons, who I bet has every one of the books. Probably all the maps and shit too.


There are 6 albums in there that were in the top 10 before they were released (regardless of how good they are) - Beyonce, Frank Ocean, Radiohead, Anohni, Rihanna, Kanye - The ‘reviews’ are just attempted justifications innit


I have to point out that Slater does precisely zero for the Guardian. His weekly recipes for salads with a piece of cheese on appear exclusively in the Observer.


Jonathan Jones thought Pratchett was shit having not even read a Discworld book, which was the real kicker.


Prat, shit


In the time I was away, DiS seems to have gone a bit alt-right.


Christ can’t you just fuck off


think there’s a link?


Don’t make me tell my dad on you.


I won’t, he’s been through enough.


Hold on.



The Guardian LOVES Terry Pratchett


this is confusing me

i love terry pratchett

am i… guardian?



I dunno - but the OP said the Guardian HATES TP

I think. Can’t be fucked to scroll up.