The world cup betting thread

Got 4 nose tappers on this year:

Brazil to win - £5e/w @9/2
Jesus golden Boot - £5 @ 14/1
Brazil to win & Messi golden Boot - £2 @ 66/1
England to lose in the quarter finals via a penalty shootout - £3 @ 20/1

Made a decent amount on accumulators in the early knock out stages betting on match outcomes (not 90mins) there tends not to be many shocks.


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if i had put a bet on, it would have been about a month ago and it would have been on Salah to be top scorer. probably a good thing i didn’t do that now.

He’s going to the World Cup. Heard a rumour that he wasn’t even injured and just bottled the final :eyes:

£5 on everyone having a great time


Have convinced myself Belgium are gonna do really well. Not sure why.

yeah I did that, £5 at 40/1

defo not looking great now

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Someone told me money back as free bet to back England on sky bet.

Telling you now, Lukaku golden boot.

Forgot to sign out as safebruv

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ladbrokes are doing 50/1 for new customera for England to reach knockout stages

Might do a £1 bet on each of the 64 games. Anyone else fancy it?

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waiting on my new debit card so can’t place any bets :frowning:
only one i’ve got is a punt on Suarez top scorer, will look pretty unlikely already if he doesn’t score tomorrow

Was gonna do this but put £5 on the first match.

Round of 16 is where the moneys made though, very rare to see shocks


As in a mega accumulator, or £64 of bets? Tried to do the former but Betfair only lets you do up to 25

64 separate bets

Saudi Arabia to beat Russia. £1

stuck £3 on this