The world cup betting thread

Saudi Arabia to beat Russia. £1

stuck £3 on this

£4 on saudi with draw no bet at 5/1

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8-1 with Hills.

9/1 365


I’m trying not to lose too much money but want to pique my interest as much as possible, so i’ve put a few straight forecasts accies for the groups on (so the 1-2 of all eight). There are about three groups i’m sure about, then the rest i’ve mixed up with a shock or two, either with a big favourite going through as runner-up, or an outsider doing so behind a favourite. They’re anywhere from 8,000/1 to 1m/1. Worth doing a few, even if just at 25p a time. Might get lucky.

I got 8.5/1. Sad!

£19,692 from 50p for this absolute series of certainties

Uploaded in the wrong order of course


there will be draws

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Incorrect Wiggy, sorry. All the teams talked about it and decided no draws this year. It’s going to be a thrillfest

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Stuck a tenner on Russia at Coral, as if Russia win, you get a £5 freebet for every goal scored, so that could be like, £5s in freebets!

currently my only world cup bet


5 x £5 freebets. What a start to #theworldcup


Got Suarez to score 2 or more later at 13/2. Think I’m going to join @Aggpass with a bet on every match

£1.43 UP after 4 games (Uruguay and the Spain portugal draw)

£8 down

I’ll be betting in a variety of ways on England not clinching three points againt Panama.

Beyond that I’d love to get a DiS qualifiers accy going; here’s mine:



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Portugal’s draw means I’m currently 25p down.

Quite annoyed Egypt conceded so late as I had them to draw too.