The World Cup Of DiSers

The word has lost all meaning

for real. not all, though. idk. it’s silly as mentioned above to think too much about what’s gone but on balance this place is basically full GBOL these days despite the odd moment here and there.

(it was also no one person responsible for the dark shit, kind of more like a negative loop)

I think that when the old boards were good they were much more fun/funnier than the new but when they were bad they were much, much, much worse.

Overall it’s a net gain.


Hello_Sadness really got under your skin didn’t he…

Who was that… Bonjour Tristesse?

Was it not ouijamaflipflop or whatever?

Think it’s endemic of how much of my brainpower has been dedicated to this place that I distinctly remember him voting Tory in 2015. Could have learned a language or become a junior vice president or something with the mental energy I’ve expended here…

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Yeah I would agree with that. I think a lot of the people responsible for the laughs were also (in part) responsible for the bullshit macho bullying atmosphere too, and a lot of the time the lols turned into just outright horribleness.


Yeah some of the shit I know from here is embarrassing and a waste of my life/brain space.

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We just need more people having a go at xylo


was a double-S-er, but changed my mind

Nailed it though

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they’re always around the corner dw

J0hn was definitely joking there. He was canvassing for The Green Party in 2015.

Think that is a rudimentary poll

Oh, just noticed the colon! Cheers. Was in a rush to defend my friend against anyone thinking he’s a Tory :sweat_smile: