The World Cup Of DiSers

this wasn’t even one of the serious ones i don’t think!

different disers for different needs



Wait was this actually a thing? There are big gaps around that time when I wasn’t here.

so glad you remembered to save this lad

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yep. the old boards were, and i can’t stress this enough, the fucking worst



Think I was around from 08 to about 2012 and then not much between then and the new boards which seems to have been the worst time.

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Looks like SOMEONE will be receiving more brownies in the not too distant future! :wink:
Ps. :heart:

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Someone who shall remain nameless did an annual shittest DiSer thread.

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Fucking hell.

Believe it mostly started as a fishing expedition/airing of football thread grievances but remarkably it became quite beevey.

Let’s not talk about the old days


you were on the lists a lot then?

love you :kissing_heart:

  • DiSer
  • DiSser
  • Diser
  • Disser

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Well that’s the worst one sorted :wink:

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  • Bomber
  • BOMBer

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yes, that’s the sort of thing the old boards were like, good impression you’ve somehow managed to nail there…

never me, presumably even those who enjoyed baiting knew it wasn’t worth that level of kick-off

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I don’t have a specific favourite DiSer cos I’ve been here so long I know lots of people well enough to like different things about them.

edit: tagged someone I’ve never come across :sweat_smile:

Hi :wave: