🌍 The World Cup of Everything

Don’t be a sore loser, chum

Can if I want!

Same for me mate, in terms of who I find funniest anyway. Pure anarchy is one of my favourite forms of comedy. Like Vivian in the Young Ones casually kicking the bannister to bits when he walks down the stairs. That kind of stuff creases me.

However my favourite Muppet overall is Gonzo. Love him. He’s part of my two favourite Muppet combinations too, him and Rizzo in the Muppet Christmas Carol, and when him Rizzo and Pepe share an apartment in ABC’s The Muppets.

I am willing to write more about why I like the Muppets if you want me to.


save it for thursday.

you sicko.

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I absolutely do, I don’t know why but I could never warm to Gonzo and always thought of him as a bit of a grifting cunt who the rat could do far worse giving him a right slap on his knob shaped face

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Wow. Okay. I need to go away for a while and calm down.


Best drummer of all time, don’t @ me (unless you agree)



I’m genuinely considering a Gonzo tattoo (was gonna get Kermit but don’t want @kermitwormit’s ego to get any more inflated) and this has shaken me.


Fozzie > *

Fucking love the bloke. Great lad.

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This sounds a bit like Miss Piggy doing a bad Werner Herzog impression and I’m all for it.


50 years out of saying wocka wocka that’s some fucking dedication


Can’t believe Lynn is canocially at least 71 years old


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this is the mashup I didn’t know I wanted

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Miss Piggy wouldn’t say anything like that about this World Cup :frowning:

Grizzly Bear? more like FOZZIE Bear! hahahahahaha

I’m just gonna post this picture of me and Gonzo having a lovely time again because I’ll shamelessly jump on any excuse tbh.


oh no wait it’s called Grizzly Man isn’t it. Fucked it

Muppets are having an absolute 'mare