🍔 The World Cup of Restaurants

Clear and green is the best ring.

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In Tangfastics the green and white dummy is the best one.

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But the egg, Anthony! The egg!

save it for thursday

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Correct! pretty sure it wasn’t given as an option the other day when we had to vote for the best one too. why do people keep forgetting it? Best STARMIX!

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Haribout you chill the fuck out!


my favourite restaurant is a bag of haribo


Worst one. The foam ones are diabolical.

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Vv v closely followed by cola and cherry.

Richard Osman didn’t select ‘a bag of Haribo’ on his restaurant list, so imho you can shut the hell up

Bag o’cans and haribo in the park


Cola bottle > cherry > orange and yellow dummy > the rest


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Omelette Cob

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Dream date tbh!

I’m afraid I’m going to need some clarity here Gnomey. It appears as if you might be suggesting that cherry cola bottles are a standard Tangfastic item which, as I’m sure you know, isn’t the case.

Just to confirm you’re stating that Cola Bottle is in second place and Cherry is in third, right?

hollering rebel songs under the canal, belly full of haribo and fire in my heart


POTW please @ma0sm


Call me what you will, but I’ve yet to go to a generic high street Italian that comes close to my signature seafood pasta.

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They are both tied second place.

Cherry coke is a rare but beautiful thing and is indeed, sadly, not included in the Tangfastics bag.

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