🍔 The World Cup of Restaurants

I actually didn’t enjoy reading this one

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693 posts nooooooooooo

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would it help if you replaced the shorts with manchester shorts

this is what has sent me over the edge today


Don’t get any up Smee’s nose!

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I’m afraid not no. It’s just fundamentally not a post that I am capable of enjoying.

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Anyone else just impressed they’re keeping up to date with this thread


I am, yes



okay I can work with this one hold on

Manchester’s just walked in the haribo office with a pair of delicious squash branded athletic shorts


keep editing

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@AQOS just so you know, I would have nominated this for POTW if you hadn’t banned me from doing so


Did it, I’m still not band yet

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The tag for this thread is worldcupof

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Used to love them. They changed em for the worse too then got rid.

Only good when the bread didn’t cut up your mouth too much

I’d have nominated it myself, it has really tickled me


Why won’t you do it again🤷🏻‍♂️


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If this thread was a music festival, what festival would it be?

  • Glastonbury
  • Fyre
  • ATP
  • Reading
  • Download
  • Coachella
  • Jokie Joke’s Big Festival Of Chaos And Haribo TM
  • Primavera
  • Secondivera
  • Other (don’t you fucking dare state which one though or I’ll be tampin’)

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