The World Of Trousers That Aren't Jeans

So I went away for the weekend, cycling around the place as you do (in Holland) but realised on arrival that the only lower half clothes I had packed were cycling shorts (with the padded bum that makes it look like you’re wearing adult nappies). So we got room service on the first night, then cycled to town and I bought a pair of trousers so we could be less weird at night.

Anyway, I ended up buying these dark green(ish) Pierre Cardin trousers, rather than my standard “Jeans”. I have worn jeans without thinking my whole fucking life, with a few periods of trying new things (had a red trouser phase), but otherwise pretty consistent. Am I alone in this? What do you think when you see someone not wearing jeans? Do you think anything at all?


On Tuesday night I wore a pair of chinos and a shirt but was immediately ushered into a room to change into an Indian fancy suit.

Indian trouser pants are the most comfortable item of clothing in existence (all the other elements are uncomfortable however).

Also, earlier in the day, in order to avoid the awkwardness of getting a single shirt dry cleaned I took a pair of suit trousers in alongside said shirt even though those trousers had been dry cleaned last week.

These are recent events in my life which took place outside of the world of jeans.


I have a section of my wardrobe thing that contains several pairs of non jean trousers

I never ever wear them, they are a relic from days of slightly stricter dress codes at my place of work. I should get rid really cos they are all pretty rubbish

Having said that, I was thinking last night about getting some new non- jeans trousers last night so I can wear my denim jacket more without going full double denim (which I am proud to do on occasion)

I sadly always default to jeans. Never feel 100% right in anything else.


I wore those 3/4 length shorts years ago, such was the style at the time, but cringe massively at the photos now.

Just remembered I had green trousers too.

That was a bold phase.


yeah me too - was quite the personal breakthrough when I told myself “fuck it, I’m wearing jeans to work all the time now, no one cares anymore” - black jeans if I need to look a bit smarter for some reason

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Have you ever worn leather trousers? I haven’t, and I’m worried I might not have lived.

No! But I have seen a fair few Dutch people do this and act like it’s totally normal!


Definitely going to get more into trousers once I’ve actually got some money to buy clothes again. Nice wool blend sorts with a nice sharp crease down the front etc. Bring them on. Mainly for work but also for leisure.

One thing I will 100% state right now is that I will never, ever wear a pair of chinos. No chance.

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This is why I shouldn’t stray into the fashion world

Chinos type things can be fine though as long as they are slim fitting and don’t have pleats or a crease - maybe your definition of chinos is different from mine

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Linen trousers are great
So are cords - especially really thick cords that seem to usually only be mustard and for sale to pensioners.
Also rather like a pair of thick, woollen trousers I found cheap in TK Maxx recently

Plenty of life beyond jeans.

Don’t understand this tracksuit thing that’s big with the kids right now.

Yeah good quality chinos are good quality chinos. They serve a purpose. I personally do not like them and will not wear them.

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I have obviously experimented with coloured trousers, generally chinos, before - red, salmon pink, purple, some shades of blue. But now I exclusively wear black jeans when not in shorts, pyjamas or formal wear.

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Men over thirty who wear jeans look a bit Karl Kennedy, imho.

Chinos are much comfier, come in better colours, are cheaper, their pockets actually serve a purpose. I could go on.

Accept yourself.


Obviously blue / stone-washed jeans above a certain age is pure Clarkson.

Keep them black though and they’re just neutral black trousers.


Why wouldn’t black chinos be preferable, though?

I don’t find them as comfortable and don’t generally like their wider cut down the leg, but horses for courses innit.

That’s utter madness, sorry.

Jeans stretch and conform to your shape. Wear them for a few days and they’re as comfortable as a second skin. You might as well put on white tie and tails as chinos.