The World Of Trousers That Aren't Jeans

strongly disagree

people should wear what they feel comfortable wearing no matter what age they are.

And I prefer jeans pockets to chinos as nothing ever falls out, hate a baggy pocket


Choosing clothes based on comfort, price and practicality is definite Dad behaviour.


And I like both. Different trousers, for different needs.



I’ve got a pair of leather trousers :smiley:

They have only ever been worn to large scale heritage metal gigs. No one judges you harshly there. Think they got two airings last year - Black Sabbath and Metallica :metal::metal::metal: Have not been out this year…

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Current trouser audit:

Black trousers x 1
Black chinos x 1
Royal blue chinos x 1
Maroon chinos x 1
Light grey jeans x 1 (not worn since chinos purchased)
Black jeans x 1 (ditto)

i’ve got quite a lot of blue jeans :relaxed:



Maybe one for that I have never thread earlier this week, but I have never purchased a pair of blue jeans.

Don’t mind them on other people but just never fancied them on myself…

oh no

full respect for committing to the look - but don’t they get a bit sweaty at a gig? do they have a lining or is your skin in direct contact with leather?

Slim fit navy chinos from asos or uniqlo for me Clive.

Got some chestnut brown ones too and green but always reach for the blue.

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They do indeed have a lining. I’m not a very sweaty person in general, although that said I would probably steer clear during summertime.

Need to think about my next opportunity to dust them off :thinking:

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Don’t like black jeans. They’re dyed a different way to blue jeans so fade to a grey colour that I really don’t dig.

I like black jeans more than blue jeans but, given I wear plain black t-shirts almost exclusively, I buy blue jeans instead of black jeans.

Just chipping in with a little jeans opinion there given this thread seems to have expanded to include the world of jeans as well.

yeah if youre going chinos theyve got to be skinny fit

linen trousers are the worst! cords are good tho, not had a pair for a while

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Where do you buy your t-shirts Tone.

cords are well comfy


I also need a good place to get cheap/ quality/ nice fitting plain Ts