The world would be a better place if Facebook got rid of the "laughter" reaction: discuss

We all know that social media can be an
absolute sewer, but for some reason this one thing rankles me more than most other things. I know I should probably get a sense of perspective.

But this is what happens every time: a serious news item is posted, you see the prevalence of laughter reactions, and you know you’re going to be reminded of what a cess pit social media is if you go near the comments. Ignore it? Nope. Above anything else, being a dickhead wasn’t invented after social media appeared; it has just meant they’re all now in plain sight. I’m often reminded of this when people say “I wish we could go back to the tolerant society we showed in the London 2012 opening ceremony”. Nope. I loved that ceremony, but it was a few people doing a nice thing. We’ve always been a nation with a disproportionate amount of bigots.

Here’s one example, but it could be any “serious” story…

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Not on Facebook mate.

The world would be a better place if it got rid of the kind of nobs that would use a laughter face on a post such as that.