The worst day of the week

See I prefer Mondays because I have more work to do and it goes quicker, whereas Tuesdays are just beyond boring and drag on and on.

Sunday is the worst unless you’re off on Monday. In that case your second work day is the worst whatever that may be. Cheers.

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Hard Fi were on to something weren’t they


I usually have plenty to do on a Monday, but it’s all the work I’ve planned to do rather than whatever is thrown at me by my head of service and others.

Obviously I’ve posted about 30 times in the last hour so maybe I’m contradicting myself!

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Half weeks (3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off)?

  • Yes
  • No

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Thursdays for me, clive. Energy levels are down from Mon-Weds’ activity. Still need to be productive and still got the looming threat of waking up to another day of work tomorrow before fully downing tools

When I went back to work post-furlough, we used a half-furlough scheme for a few months where I worked two days a week (I could pick which ones) and take the rest off.

Bring that back.

Condensed hours?

9 days in a fortnight (8.25 hours a day, three day weekends every fortnight)

  • Yes
  • No

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4 days in a week (9.25 hours a day, three day weekends every week)

  • Yes
  • No

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When I ran pubs I used to occasionally do 2x 12 hour and 1x 15 hour shifts in a row then have 4 days off. Quite liked it.

Done 4 in 5. Tuesday was still the best day not to work while also being the worst.

Your ideal working hours (based on 8 hour day)

  • Earlier start/finish than that
  • 6-2
  • 6.30-2.30
  • 7-3
  • 7.30-3.30
  • 8-4
  • 8.30-4.30
  • 9-5
  • 9.30-5.30
  • 10-6
  • 10.30-6.30
  • 11-7
  • 11.30-7.30
  • Later start/finish than that

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At the moment I do 8.45ish-4.15ish (don’t take a lunch break) and it suits me quite well.

I am extremely, extremely lucky that I do 35 hours per week, 3 days at home and the latest I finish is 3:30 on Wednesday and Thursday.

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No way a weekend/non working day can be one of the worst days of the week

I get the dreads very bad at times but I’m still not at work which is always better than being at work


My last retail job was in the stockroom taking deliveries and it was 6am to 2pm with a breakfast break at 9am. Loved finishing early and the physical work made it go really quickly but not so much the walking zombie aspects so I split the difference at 7.30-3.30

Sometimes at current job I start at 8am (or earlier, once or twice) cuz I can and no one can stop me.

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Sundays are generally a bit shit. Even as an adult I associate it with terrible things like the Antiques Roadshow theme and Last of the Summer Wine.

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It’s Tuesday, it’s always Tuesday, and there’s a simple breakdown for why:

Wednesday: half the week is done; half the week to go.
Thursday: Most of the week is done; Friday tomorrow.
Friday: Fuck yeah friday, week is done, weekend starts here!
Saturday: It’s ya boi, Saturday.
Sunday: Still good (but the creeping Monday dreads can spoil it if you let them).
Monday: Bad, but the memory and refreshment of the weekend gets you through the day.
Tuesday: All you’ve got to look forward to is the middle of the week.

Fuck Tuesday.


On the subject of hours / working pattern: mine is all over the place:

  • working hours in the traditional sense (e.g. at my desk or in meetings)
  • travel time on top of that
  • I’m supposed to have half an hour for lunch but it never happens
  • what about if I’m away overnight? Does that count at all? It’s not like I’m in Chelmsford on a Tuesday night through any choice of my own
  • but then I’ll also do school runs and post prodigiously on


  • contracted hours: 37
  • actual work hours: :interrobang: :interrobang: :interrobang: :interrobang:

people voting any other day than Sunday - listen to the war trumpets of hell again before making your decision:


I love Sundays, especially since I stopped getting slaughtered on Friday or Saturday (also I like my job). Just a lovely low stakes day bar Tottenham often ruining the vibe.