The Worst Musical Instrument of all time



is the Mark Tree

Thanks for opening this thread, all the best.




It’s good, but it’s not our top answer


That Mark Tree thing is all over Disintegration, think it gets a free pass.




Chapman stick


If we’re going by the ratio of how many times it’s been used terribly vs how many times its been used well, then definitely saxophone.


Gibson les paul


Still the ukulele.


Actually, yeah possibly.


Reckon ukulele are unfairly maligned as when it’s played well people don’t realise it is a ukulele


has there ever been a good use of a ukelele?



Magnetic fields


Bagpipes. Unless you like drone music I guess


Damning stuff.


I like bagpipes and think they are underused

in Titus Andronicus they are good

remember listening to some free jazz thing with just bagpipes and saxophone that was good and I can’t remember what it was


Do people who don’t like ukulele also dislike the guitar above the fifth fret, just seems nonsensical to me, sure it is an instrument that lends itself to tweeness but is capable of a lot more, probably one of the better instruments


They are good in that Battle of Hampton Roads song, but as a solo instrument it’s too harsh and piercing. It’s probably not a very versatile instrument either


Literally the moment a tab says -6- I throw my guitar on the floor.