The Worst Musical Instrument of all time



as @Launchpad says, its the bagpipes. Sorry scottish dissers :smile:




Most underrated: clarinet (at least in pop and rock music). It can sound very expressive imo. Also it’s proved its flexibility within the realm of classical music and has been put to good use by jazz players, however it hasn’t really crossed over to pop and rock that much (except Pet Sounds)


Panpipes @AphexTwinkletoes


Slide guitar


Saw Young Marco play a panpipe driven house track that I’ve been desperately trying to ID ever since. Genuinely one of the best things I’ve heard.


But… Keep The Streets Empty


Ah fack, I’ve really done myself here haven’t I.




Probably something really impractical and cumbersome with a high cost to use ratio and little variety, like a Tuba


this heat use clarinet well. these new puritans use them sometimes i think


Also bagpipes are silly


robert wyatt & mark hollis too.

can’t think of a clarinet being used in pop music that I didn’t like.


this clarinet chat has just reminded me how much I like this alog record.

weird experimental droney stuff. jenny hval does some vox on it.


i really enjoy a good droning bagpipe.

i do enjoy that Gyles Brandreth (?) quote though that “the mark of a true gentleman is someone who knows how to play the bagpipes, but doesn’t.”


think i can pinpoint the moment i lost interest in Animal Collective as being when they did a song with a shitty panpipe section and everyone said it was great.

that said Goat used panpipes pretty well on their last album.


A million times this. Check out the bass clarinet on this absolute belter:


Fever Ray’s the exception to the rule, but only her.


Some fine clarinet on display here


Awesome. Reminds me of DJ Shadow