The Worst Of The Bunch


Use this thread to nominate the worst of a certain thing. I’ll go first.

Thornton’s, by a mile. Massive box with only about 12 chocolates in it; godawful flavour combinations (spiced fudge? Boke); always on special offer like the shite chocolate version of DFS. There may be worse chocolate in the US, but on these shores Thornton’s is hard to beat.


you’re forgetting Celebrations.





it’s not you don’t worry


I nominate this thread as the worst :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



BC Rich


Some of those Dean ones give tastelessness a new meaning


hmmm you may be right



Superman (an easy one I know!)


What’s not to like about a guitar with multiple jagged edges?


Don’t worry we’ve also built it so it sounds like complete trash unless you play a very specific style of modern metal!!


WATER: Salty water

Makes you feel sick, dries out skin and hair, tastes horrid.


Terry’s chocolate (all varieties) is ming.


Hats: trilbies


Covered in the US bit of the OP




Though it’s a habitat for billions of fish and other creatures, whereas sparkling water is useless.


Nah, he’s a great tennis player.


Actually: is still mineral water even worse? At least you can make fizzy Ribena with sparkling water. Literally no point to Evian when there are perfectly good taps.


u-god, easily the weakest of the wu