the worst (small) thing about your house/flat

something manageable that you can live with, but which still pisses you right off

we have a one-shelf freezer inside the fridge: it’s tiny, the door doesn’t stay on properly, it gets filled with ice every few days which makes it barely useable. Basically use it for an ice cube tray, some frozen pastries and that’s it

But still seems like a lot of effort to get the landlords to replace the whole fridge so :man_shrugging: we manage

kitchen tap is a bit fucked so whenever I put the washing machine on it causes it to turn on and make a horrible whirring noise where the washer is loose for a minute before I go and turn it off again.


The internets shit

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The street it’s on

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The kitchen tap drips and cannot be repaired unless we buy a new tap.

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so many many things. I will get very depressed if I start listing them.
this is not really the thread for me


do any make you go “haha isn’t that silly” rather than “haha i fucking hate that piece of shit?”

i’d like to hear any of the former please x

you can take the house out of the street, but you can’t take the street out of the house


We have 4 working taps across 2 bathrooms and the downstairs loo. The previous owners did zero maintenance over 10 years so perished washers + rust and / or shoddy installation, means our efforts to try to get the taps apart to replace the washers are basically just pulling the sinks apart.

the kitchen is pretty big but clearly designed by someone that never needed any space for prepping food and wanted to get angry and frustrated every time they cooked.


Neighbours keep replacing random fence panels so they’re all different colours. Got four different colours in my front garden alone.


I hear my neighbours having sex regularly, so presumably they hear me too. Sexy.

When I moved in the handles on the back door were fitted so that they could be unscrewed and removed from the outside, not the inside. Sorted now though.

The lino in the bathroom hasn’t been laid very well and is slightly too big so doesn’t fit tight on one edge. We only use that room for the kids baths though so we’ve never been arsed to sort it.

The light switch for the kitchen is not in the kitchen


So we’re not including the big stuff then - like the leak in our bay window at the front, or the fact that there’s subsidence in our kitchen.

If I’m honest, it’s the fact that there’s boxes everywhere. There’s a room full of stuff we still haven’t unpacked and we’ve been here nearly five years. I had to try and restart the internet earlier, and I couldn’t get to the cupboard because there was a box of playmobil in the way. After I restarted the internet I went to grab an ethernet cable and guess what - there was a box of Duplo in the way. And let’s not talk about the Lego that seems to get absolutely everywhere.

all the plug sockets are two feet up the walls not at the bottom

no idea why


at my mum’s there’s a dual light switch between the kitchen and dining room - the left-hand switch lights up the right-hand room, and the right-hand switch lights up the left-hand room

annoys me every time and i think she doesn’t change it because she likes how reliably it winds me up

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I saw variations of this in so many places we looked at for our last move - big fancy kitchens, loads of storage, multiple ovens and absolutely zero usable counter space for preparing food. When we’re able to buy a place we’re pretty much resigned to immediately tearing out the kitchen and putting in something we can actually use.

Only real complaint with our new place is that the windows are so tall my wife can’t reach the locks and I have to get called into the room for any opening/closing.

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my dishwasher is plumbed in by a pipe that comes out of the side of the cupboard under the sink and across the floor in front of the back door. the out-pipe is not plumbed in at all, it just sits in a bucket next to the dishwasher until we need to turn it on, at which point I stretch it over to the sink and slot it through a gaffa tape strap on the side of the sink to hold it in place and then put a stone kind of garden gnome thing on it to point it downwards into the sink. Again this pipe goes across the back door.


My hall has been a building site for several years. And sorting that out seems to be entirely my problem for some reason