The Worst Time of Year

I’m in the midst of it. For some reason my wife likes I’m a Celebrity and in the spirit of compromise and making her watch shit she doesn’t want to see 49 weeks of the year we watch it… every fucking night. Pain,

What is your worst time of year?

the bits i have seen of martin lewis winding everyone up have been quite good



He’s not in it. Do you mean the Homes Under the Hammer guy?

As a general rule the last week or so of crunch at work coincides with the first week of the new school year for my gf which is a bad amount of stress for both parties to have to put up with from each other.

Oh yes.

It’s strange that a guy who seems competent and relatively normal (forgetting his hair) when he is presenting is such a rizla skinned baby man.

How do you feel about watching fully grown men cry on the TV Onzlo? It always makes me feel deeply uncomfortable and I’m not quite sure why. I’m quite an emotionally available (yeah, you heard) man myself so I don’t know why this troubles me so.

Christmas, obviously.

I’m a stone hearted non-cryer and couldn’t give to fucking shits if someone is crying on the box.


Answers are touch, give to fucking shits?


Probably early October.

It happens to be when several of my grandparents’ birthdays, anniversaries and the dates of their deaths were, and the whole family gets a bit melancholic around then.

Specifically none.

martin roberts
martin lewis
martin kemp
martin clunes
james martin
chris martin
max martin
martin fowler
martine mccutcheon

give a shit


yeah it’s a bit shit just now especially for cycling

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Last two weeks of October. Always spend it in a drunken mess thanks to all the birthdays/Jazz Weekend/Hallowe’en. Felt awful for almost all of it this year.

Make one up then!

november until march, excluding christmas

January to mid march

Cold and wet, Christmas is over so there is literally nothing to enjoy winter wise

If I could afford it I would spend the whole of this period out of the country either cycling somewhere warm or skiiing (I don’t currently ski but would learn) somewhere properly/ enjoyably wintery

Agree. January is the pits, although the Australian Open tennis lifts it a bit for me. A really grey damp and cold November can be pretty shite too though.