the worst timed purchase you've ever made

in november 2019, we signed a deal to buy a second car. we’d spent a year fucking about with one car, and with two kids, two needs and a lack of usable public transport in the area, it was a requirement. i was on site at work daily.

the weekend we got the car, i was taken in for surgery and didn’t return to work in person until the second week of february 2020, and three weeks later work shut down as the pandemic started, and then everyone went to work remotely.

never needed a second car since. fucks sake.


A one year subscription to Jack’s Flight Club in February 2020.


Both times I’ve bought a flat / house have been within months of a collapse of the housing market and a recession.


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Purchasing 50% of a flat about three months before it was found to have dangerous cladding rendering it literally worthless…

tbh, malta’s very nice, so

It all worked out in the end, but signing on for a mortgage, which included getting statements of employment from my work, and then being given notice of redundancy about two months later was a little dicey.