The Xbox and Game Pass Thread ❎

Hello! I’ve struggled with the rolling Gaming Thread as it’s full of PS and PC noise that I don’t need to read, and with the success of the Switch threads I feel like maybe there’s a slot in the community to fit in an Xbox dedicated thread.

What with the Series S being very high selling and the inherent value in Game Pass, along with other Xbox things in the coming months and stuff, this might make sense?

Anyway, I am going to try and steward this, and so like the Switch thread, here’s a place to add your Gamertag and Username, so that we can add folk to play games and, probably, something like Halo Infinite as we go forward.

Anyway, this will either be useful or fall flat on its arse. Eitherway, hello.


wow this is good timing i just resubscribed to Game Pass about an hour ago :smiley:

i have realised that there is no reason for me to get a Series X any time soon after playing Halo Infinite on my Xbox One for the past week or so - maybe sometime next year when they’re abundant/i have more cash.

currently downloading Forza Horizon 5, Back 4 Blood, and Quake (!)

username is GRMUK, will add it to the spreadsheet!


my pal is currently updating his internet for this exact reason; he wants to stream games to his old One and its not quite up to the task.

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All right;

Xbox Game Streaming

  • I’ve tried it and it’s amazing!
  • I’ve tried it and it was shite!
  • I would try it, but my internet’s not up to it
  • I have no interest in it; downloads forever
  • I like discs, so don’t subscribe to Game Pass

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tried it on my phone and it’s pretty good.

need to try it on my One S though, as it means i can basically get the Series X version of Forza instead the One S, which blows my mind a bit, but i’ve not yet tried it so not sure how well it works/what difference that makes

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Anything on here people would recommend?

Stardew Valley is a huge hit in the Switch thread


I reckon the escapists and tropic 5 are vying to be the next game I download, play for an hour, realise that a mouse and keyboard would be much better for this type of game, and abandon for more Slay the Spire.

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i’m tempted to try Cities Skyline. Always been tempted.

i tried Two Point Hopsital on the Switch and loved it, so tried it on the Xbox and by god the X and Y buttons being in different places really fucks me up

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Excited for The Gunk later this month

It’s the latest game from the Steamworld folk

yup I got myself an Series S and game pass recently having not owned a console or really played any games since my playstation 1 at uni. games have moved on a bit it seems…! have been downloading and playing loads from different genres to see what I now enjoy. I thought i’d be really into the simulation style ones like Snow Runner, but turns out i dont have the patience and Forza is more my thing. also liking the more story based things like Artful Escape.


If u haven’t played it then 100% stardew valley

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i downloaded this, and upon starting the tutorial and realsiing it needed split idfferential controls, i sacked it right away haah so glad i didn;t buy it on switch

I’ve tried it and it was fine

Cities Skylines is the best. Works fine on controller too once you get used to it.

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Xbox Game Pass Titles Leaving December 15

  • Beholder – cloud, console
  • The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan – console, PC
  • Guacamelee 2 – console, PC, cloud
  • Wilmot’s Warehouse – console, PC, cloud
  • Unto The End – console, PC, cloud
  • Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair – console, PC, cloud

forgot to say I’m also downloading Hades!

dunno about streaming - my internet is currently downloading at around 55/60Mbps - is that fast enough? it’s hard wired

I did have a quick look at it earlier cos Forza is fooking massive


Have dusted off the xbox360 and bought Dark Souls 2, Dragon Age Origins and a load of Lego games.
Been playing the Lego games with my son as a bit on an introduction to gaming. Am pretty impressed with the Lego series tbh.
All the 360 games still look pretty good to me as haven’t got the latest console, so don’t know what I am missing graphics wise.
Reckon I will get the series S at some point in the next few months with game pass as seems great value.

Probably the best Argos simulator I’ve ever played

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City Skylines actually works pretty well. It’s a bit fiddly to get your head around for the first few things you do, but after that it’s pretty well thought through.

ludicrously tiny writing mind.

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