The Xbox and Game Pass Thread ❎

I thought Darkest Dungeon was already on there, tbqfh

It looks like Jet Set Radio Future but i didnt like the dialogue and rhythm stuff in the trailer

Gunna try it tonight

Looks fun. Big Sunset Overdrive vibes


Just sid the first stage. Hifi rush is stellar.

First boss NIN kicked in and was conpletely sold. Combat is great fun too


Excuse the popr gameplay bit the boss fights are rad

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This looks like a combination of Viewtiful Joe, Elite Beat Agents, and Jet Set Radio.

That is very much my kind of thing.


i’m getting a series x thanks


Also it looks a bit like Gitaroo Man which might be of interest to @Bamnan

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I think its very much up your street though it worries me there are no collab options. Fortunately im pumping audio from my controller so audio altencu isnt an issue for me but heard some complaints over tv

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only a bit unfortunately, I might check it out but I’m not sure about the tone

Yeah this game rules

I suck at it, but it’s great fun

It’s so good. It looks amazing! Great style and music on it too.

Series X arriving tomorrow. Gonna dip back into game pass for HiFi Rush. Anything else good on there at the moment? Played all your usual Microsoft big hitters on One X and I’ve got the Bethesda stuff on PS4.

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Immortality is like nothing else I’ve ever played, if you’ve not played that then I’d recommend it

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1monster hunter rise


Haha i will be playing that yes. Ive got rare replay too

Yeah ill play that

Tried that on switch. Not my bagggg