The xx


Their new album seems near, but even though i really enjoyed the first two records, i’m not really hyped about this at all.


yeah, it’s not 2009 anymore sadly


Just listen to Colossal Youth instead.


If it’s as good as the debut, hooray.

If it’s as good as Coexist, hmmmm


hard to imagine a more boring band though, isn’t it?


Could be alright, probably won’t be the most interesting thing out there


Would have to do something drastically different to make this worthwhile.


coldplay with dubstep


I really like that Jamie xx calls himself that though. It’s like something from Smash Hits.


Julian Strokes


Alien Revolting Cocks


Billy Pumpkins


Hope the rumours are true and they’ve gone in an electro/dance direction.


I heard it’s going to be more:


Hooray, more background music for BBC shows.


Liked both but it’s a case of diminishing returns. They will need to do a sharp u turn. Would be happy if they just did a straight pop record this time.


I don’t mind their debut. I mean, it’s nothing groundbreaking but she’s got a nice voice and it sits well in the background on a train journey. Like a modern version of Everything But The Girl.

Can’t say I’ll be rushing out for album #3


I knew there would be an XX backlash at some point.

Me : can’t wait.


I put their debut on the other day and it’s still a great record. The ubiquity of that sound isn’t their fault, and they execute it better than almost all peers.

Looking forward to this; whether it’s a departure from or continuation of their sound.