The year in photos


Here you go:

What’s the best one? Got any of your own contenders (that you have taken obvs)?


These are my favourite:



this is possible my favourite photo of the past decade :wink:


I can’t stand this photo


Ironically, there’s nae Marmite in the sandwich!!!111


fuck sakes Ant



not from 2016 but who could tell eh


I would be able to tell I think



Yeah, well that’s when we both lose.


My favourite photos this year are of my cats - 2 new kittens and my old lovely cat that died at 14 this summer. I’ve probably already posted all the good kitten photos already so here are some other ones. They’re not the best photos but they have really happy memories attached. Beachy Head and Hyde Park:


The beachy Head one was on my Samsung phone and the rose garden in Hyde Park was taken on my slr (I broke the kit lens the other day and the lens is want is like £300 :sob:)


Is that the Cake Boss in picture 3?!


Some from this year


I like numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5 a lot.


Was supposed to post this as number 3 but hey ho


I like this but wouldn’t have included it in the post above.