the your internet at home thread

allright everyone, what internet you got at home

  • yes i have “home” internet at home
  • no i used the data on my phone/tablet/laptop
  • i do not have internet in my home, mobile or “home”

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provider (“home” broadband)

  • BT
  • EE
  • PlusNet
  • Virgin Media
  • Vodafone
  • Sky
  • TalkTalk
  • Now Broadband
  • Other

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what download speed you getting?

  • 0 to 5Mbps
  • 5 to 10Mbps
  • 10 to 25Mbps
  • 25 to 50Mbps
  • 50 to 100Mbps
  • 100Mbps

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I had my BT bridges burned last week when they disconnected me and told me to fuck off, so i now have 5G EE Wifi, and it’s amazing. move it around the house, no phone line needed, 5G speed is off the chain. absolutely marvellous.


Are we doing upload speeds too?

I’m around 95mps download, and around 20mps upload

Having got a fucking clue about speeds, nor do I care enough to find out. Was with Now Broadband for years but they fucked us about with our house move so BT now and they seem fine.


getting about 36mbps dowload, 10mbps upload

absolutely fine for 2 people wfh, simultaneous spotify / netflix HD streaming. reckon ludicriously high speeds are one of those things people are tricked into thinking they need by Big Internet (unless you do a lot of gaming or something, yes I have edited this post a lot)

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Technically my broadband is very fast (110mbps download), and occasionally it actually delivers on this promise. However, I have to reset it at least three times a day, which I assume is down to Virgin Media’s terrible hardware.

I work with big files a lot so the high download speeds are handy, but the lack of consistency is maddening beyond belief.

If anyone has any tips on how to make Virgin Media hardware actually work properly then I am so, so here to hear them

  • I know my home internet speeds without looking
  • Lol no

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Unfortunately we live on one of the handful of streets in our village that doesn’t have fibre and to install it would mean significant civil works (digging up roads and people’s driveways). 20 mbps is as good as we’re going to get which is fine although it does grunt sometimes when streaming 4k television.


My internet is terrible

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woah get a load of mr big files over here




yeah, game streaming needs like 40Mbps to be passable. it’s very good on my new internet

I have fibre broadband because the only other option around here is 10mb ADSL which fucking sucked for two people who work from home full time.

In my old job I ran a warehouse with 10 machines off a 5G router for a few months and that was absolutely fine.

If it’s any consolation they’re often really, really boring

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Lol I didn’t mean to paste that here

the funny thing is that the internet speed that i get is like Pokemon. i want more. MORE INTERNET.

then all i do is read this hell site.


I have Virgin Media and didn’t really have any issues until I got a new hub a few months ago and it was absolute shite - range seemed worse, speeds seemed worse, seemed to drop out randomly as well. apparently it has loads of “smart” technology to make it work faster, but this is actually rubbish and it’s an ancient piece of kit with shite software to make it run worse.

so my solution was to buy my own router, plug it into my VM hub and just switch the WiFi off on the VM hub and use my router instead. I got a Google Wifi mesh thing, was on sale iirc, and it’s absolutely fine, if anything a bit better cos the range is better.

still had to reboot my VM hub this morning though :roll_eyes:


my mate had this with his virgin, it was absolute bollocks, and he just moved to bt and improved it massively.

conversely my mum and dad just had their home set up fixed pretty comprehensively by the VM lads, and they now get download speeds to the upwards of 200Mbps

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Seems mine is really fast for downloads and terrible for uploads. Anyone tech savvy able to speculate why the upload speed is so bad when download speed is strong?

BT fibre - no idea what speed that is but never had any issues.