The YouTube home page when you're not logged in to YouTube

genuinely cursed, easily as fucking bizarre as those wish dot com adverts


why does Mr Beast look like that


Show us with pictures please, I for one cannot begin to imagine.

Related: I have a telly with the usual bunch of apps. Netflix: fine, iPlayer: fine. But for YouTube, I’ll use my phone and the Chromecast stick cos it’s a million times easier (and I can create an on-the-fly playlist on my phone, especially good for when the kids are watching, cos I can exercise some degree of filtering).

Anyway, when the playlist being cast has finished the telly defaults to the inbuilt YouTube app home page. Which I never use and have not signed in to.

It’s both annoying and horrible.

Annoying because it often prompts with cute animal stuff or music stuff (or news or general entertainment stuff or whatever) some of which is kinda related to what we’ve been watching and opens the floodgates for hankering to watch something that’s inappropriate for one reason or another (just shit or, too long, or whatever). Annoying but meh.

Horrible cos all that nominally suitable for any-audience stuff is peppered with things like ‘Jimmy Carr ROASTS famous women’ and whatnot. Fuck off plastering that onto the living room TV.

When the Chromecast was plugged into the old non-smart telly, the default screen was just a patchwork of neutral screen grabs from random videos. I want that back.

Can’t find a way to delete the app from the telly. Turning on the kid-friendly filter in the TV app means logging in, inevitably with my account, and that’s not a great solution either, for various irksome reasons.

‘Smart’ technology is so stupid and annoying.

The adverts are awful on youtube spend what feels like half my life reporting them. Had fucking Candace Owens popping up spouting her hate during the summer.

There are these very weird Christian ones I keep seeing where it’s some pastor talking about how he left the LGBTQ+ community, and another one that is almost hilariously blatantly a right wing thinktank or whatever offering up “debate” questions

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The ones I’ve had at the moment are predominantly Eastern European dating websites. Which would be fine I can cop to when I’ve searched for things and they come up as an ad but I have never been on or searched for those things.

Looked at my ad settings turns out they aren’t personalised it’s done by location and time of the day so someone is heavily on dating websites looking for specifically Eastern European women at 7 on a Tuesday Night in Manchester.

I can thoroughly recommend buying some cleaning supplies for Nisbets. I did that once and now my YouTube ads are all Nisbets all the time. A bit annoying but ‘buy a blender maybe?’ is infinitely preferable to the other bullshit they can push on you.