The zip tap on the second floor is broken

We’ve asked the engineer to come and fix it but for now can you please use the grey kettle or the tap on the third floor.




Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zip Tap


Absolutely not.

Call a strike.

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Just drink water instead of zips for a while


Hi there,

Please can you remove me from this mailing list as I actually left the organisation 7 months ago!



FFS Kevin

had a question and didn’t know where else to put it. So we have one of those tap heads in our kitchen that you push left/right for temperature and up/down for water. It’s starting to be a bit dodgy and we are worried it will break off from repeated use. If the tap head breaks, will water come endlessly pissing out? I can’t see any valves below to turn off the water manually

Depends on the age, but usually not, as modern mixer tap heads are not directly connected to the water supply - the bit that might break off is beyond the bit that actually opens the valve.

Only the grey kettle? Because I’ve been using the yellow one.

it’s one of these, and it’s being fucky at the highest moveable point

if you wanted to turn down the pressure, is that internal to the tap or under the sink?

Why does your tap look like an upside down prostate massager?

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zip tap’s aff


Depends on how it was installed. Sometimes there’s a pair of little valves under the tap, one for hot and one for cold. If there isn’t then it’s usually inside the tap, accessed by popping off the cover cap that’s on the front of the lever.

If you’ve got the manufacturer and model name you should be able to find the installation instructions on line, which will show you how to make adjustments or replace parts as necessary.

These days taps don’t have washers so they shouldn’t get progressively ‘softer’ and start to leak as their age.

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