Theatre Bastards - 2021, 2022 & beyond...

Last minute dash to My Neighbor Totoro yesterday evening. Family friends who live out in the wilds had four tickets, but thanks to snow and train strikes decided that they would most likely get stranded if they tried to come into town so passed them on to us.

Visually spectacular with delightful stagecraft. Had my two kids (7 and 10) absolutely spellbound throughout. I’ve not seen the film for probably 25 years, but it felt as though some elements of the story had been cut - the overall arc felt fairly light. Nonetheless, extremely entertaining production :+1:


Went to see this yesterday with the family. My six year old daughter absolutely loved it, me and my partner and her family were all emotional wrecks by the end. Perfect Christmas viewing really.

The big set pieces were amazing, the first time Totoro turns up especially. Thought they had beefed up the story a bit, but it still felt a little slight. I’m nitpicking really though, I loved it.

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Good to hear. As you mention, the first Totoro appearance is particularly eye popping. What was the adult/child ratio for your show do you think? Our one was surprisingly child light.

Next up for us is the stage version of David Walliams’ Demon Dentist :grimacing: I’ve not read any of his stuff but have heard bad things - hoping any body shaming got scrubbed in the adaptation process…

It was the matinee, it was full of young kids. Lot of teenagers too. Lot of young children talking all the way through, didn’t mind though. We were up in the gods, was funny seeing all the children in the place stand up and crane their necks every time Totoro came on.

Can’t help you with Walliams, have studiously avoided him and got away with it so far

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So this was approximately about as good as I was expecting it to be, ie not very. In fairness, the actress who played the titular dentist gave it everything and was quite entertaining but aside from that this was incredibly flat. Also, at almost two hours long with the interval, a lot of kids were visibly getting bored towards the end. Would not recommend.

Fortunately, taking my niece to Hey Duggee Live at the weekend which I have incredibly high hopes for :smiley:

Went to see that Streetcar at the Almeida last weekend. Patsy Ferran is very, very, very good and it’s insane that she was only drafted in as an emergency replacement a couple of weeks earlier. Enjoyed Mescal’s Stanley too. Some of the worst southern US accents I’ve heard among the ensemble though, it’s like the easiest accent to do lads!

Seeing this next week :heart: Patsy

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Does anyone have anything good lined up for the new year?

Feb - Harold Pinter Theatre - Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons

Mar - Gillian Lynne Theatre - The Lehman Trilogy

Mar - NT Lyttleton Theatre - Phaedra

Apr - The Young Vic - Further than the Furthest Thing

May - Harold Pinter Theatre - A Little Life

The Young Vic ticket was one of the £10 lucky dips. Think they sell 5 or so for each performance, you could get seated anywhere. I usually get the £10-15 tickets anyway so this was a very easy decision for me. Great idea.

Really looking forward to Phaedra.

Not read A Little Life. Hope it’s good.

TodayTix have released some £15 offer tickets for To Kill a Mockingbird for January and February.

I’ve just booked two £15 tickets sandwiched between some £144 and £87 tickets.

Saw the Dutch version of this in Edinburgh during the summer without having read the book. It’s visually incredible and emotionally draining. I had some problems with the narrative but it seems they are the same issues as some had with the book. 4 hrs flew by though

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I think I’ve just got Drive Your Plow Over The Bones Of The Dead and A Little Life booked in so far.

I saw Punch Drunk’s The Burnt City just before New Year. It was fine, but glad I had cheap tickets for it. I almost ended up missing half of the venue, as it’s a bit of a maze, and only found it when I bumped into my partner. Read a couple of reviews from people online afterwards who were a bit frustrated when they found out that they were just in one part of the venue the whole time!

I also saw To Kill A Mockingbird last month, but wasn’t that fussed with it really. It wasn’t bad, but didn’t seem to like it as much as everyone else seems to.

I was tempted by The Burnt City, but read similar.

I’m looking forward to To Kill A Mockingbird but I got a good deal with a £15 ticket, I doubt I would have gone see it at full price.

19th January - The Three Muskateers @ The Miller Centre, Caterham
16th February - To Kill A Mockingbird @ Gielgud Theatre, London
1st April - An Inspector Calls @ Churchill Theatre, Bromley

Also in February but not yet booked.

Yeah, my Mockingbird ticket was £18, so I can’t complain about that at least!

I enjoyed this. Felt like the enormity of the venue made it :+1:

We’ve been to two things since the start of the year:

My Neighbour Totoro - Barbican
It was wonderful. I’ll avoid spoilers, but will say that I’m glad we went to a matinee performance, as the reaction from the crowd when Totoro and Catbus were revealed was magical.

One Woman Show - Ambassadors
We went to see Liz Kingsman’s ‘One Woman Show’ last night, and it was brilliant. Sure, it’s very meta, but incredibly funny and sharp. It’s a tale within a tale of a relatable young woman living in London who posts photos of ducks on the Internet for the Wildfowl & Wetland Trust.

Explaining it beyond that would spoil it, but if you’ve seen any of the Fleabag-esque shows of the past few years, you’ll enjoy it a lot, I think. (This staging, at the Ambassadors, is apparently also different enough from previous ones for it to be worth seeing again)

I thought this was really weak and a bit baffled by the rave reviews. Opinions!


2023 so far

Othello at the NT - disappointingly flat production, Terea is very good because he always is but it suffers badly from flat staging and ropey performances.

Wreckage at the Turbine- interesting melodrama about dealing with grief and memory. Some bits are really OTT but I enjoyed it.

As you like it at @sohoplace (why did they calm it that!!) - really fun, queer, reflective take on it. I know the plot is wafer thin but it was charming.

Watch on the rhine at Donmar- originally written in 1941 as barely veiled propaganda to join the war, an interesting history piece. Her off Miranda is brilliant.

Streetcar is transferring

A canny move, to do this just as his Oscar nomination gets announced ensures they can pretty much charge whatever they want and guarantee a sell out.

Got a spare for ‘the unfriend’ in West end, tonight. DM me if you want for free, meet at 7pm