Theatre Bastards - 2021, 2022 & beyond...

I was near the front but nowhere near within splash distance. Honestly I think every London venue, theatre or otherwise, should have a rain curtain inside. It felt nice and cool even from a bit of a distance - very welcome after a sweaty journey into central!

Rain curtains are so in right now. Streetcar at Almeida had one and something else I can’t remember. Want to get one for my bedroom.

Prima Facie, I think. I’ve definitely seen a few recently.

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I’ve mentioned this one before when it was up in Edinburgh, but my friend is performing Candy at the Park Theatre in London for the next couple of weeks:

£10 tickets on sale for Backstairs Billy at 12 today.

A Mirror was a bit shite. A great idea in there somewhere but done in a really unsatisfying way. Needed a rain curtain.

Oh, I really liked it. Thought JLM was great and I liked the set up. Could have perhaps done with an interval with a wedding reception or something but the two hours zipped by for me.

Couldn’t fault the performances and entertainment value. Just felt quite loose in parts and I wanted something a bit deeper from it - like it couldn’t quite grasp what it wanted to say about our society man.

Think I was judging harshly cos this exact kind of thing is so my jam (love a good totalitarian dystopia and it also reminded me of Lives of Others which is one of my all-timers).

We went to see Kate Berlant’s ‘Kate’ this evening. If you can get the opposetunity to see it, go.

I thought it worked a little like a companion piece to ‘One Woman Show’, but less twee and more surreal. Berlant is brilliant in it.

Stage adaptation of Cold War coming to the Almeida

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Wow. One of my favourite films of the century. Can’t comprehend it not in b&w though…

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Will probably give this one a miss, but only because when we saw it at the Curzon Mayfair Joanna Kulig performed a live set in the cinema afterwards, and nothing is going to come close to that.

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FYI London theatre goers - my partner’s book is being adapted into a one-woman play at Soho theatre. Starts next month.

It’s shaping up really well. Here’s a nice piece about it from a couple days ago:


Booked to go in November!

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brown boys swim is back!

it’s really good-

coventry 26-30th september
london soho theatre 3-7th october
scarborough 9-10th october
newbury 17-18th october
manchester 25th-28th october
birmingham 31st october-4th november

Brown Boys Swim review – friends stay afloat against a tide of racism | Edinburgh festival 2022 | The Guardian

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