Theatre bastards - The new class


really enjoyed ‘wise children’ last night, very busy production, but still coherent. last year, ‘the tiger’s bride’ was excellent too- looks like angela carter translates very well to the stage. she’s now firmly on my to read list.


The RSC’s Romeo and Juliet is worth a watch or rather Romeo and Juliet, Innit! It’s a knife crime epic and the Scots girl who play J is incredible. Mercutio though??!!??


A rare dip into theatre bastardry for me tonight



Anyone seen the anthony and Cleopatra that’s on nt live tomorrow?


Not yet - going on Friday.


anyone seen white teeth at the kiln?


Taking a trip with the TV to Billy’s Globe to see Faustus in a few weeks, any tips for a nice south bank watering hole for afterwards?


King’s Arms :+1:


That’s a bit of a trek from the Globe. (The White Hart in Cronwall Road is a good shout in that location too).

For a pub closer to the Globe, I’d recommend the White Hart on the corner of Great Suffolk St and Dolben Street


Went to see A Very Very Very Dark Matter last night. Can see why it got poor reviews and was only 2/3 full. Was pretty funny in places though, but nowhere near MM’s best. It’s the second time I’ve been to The Bridge to watch one of my favourite writers do an enjoyable but lacklustre new play , after Allelujah!


We saw Caroline Or Change at the Playhouse on Saturday. When it centred on Caroline, her family or her friends it was so much better than when it got bogged down in the Jewish american psychoanalysis and familial disfunction of Noah’s above stairs life. Most of that was because there was a divide in musical styles between the two, and the blues, soul and funk of Caroline’s story was simply better than the awkward, stilted dialogue and run-of-the-mill music of Noah’s.

Sharon D Clarke is brilliant in the title role and it’s worth going to see for her performance alone.


Yeah I was a little disappointed with this and had a nagging feeling I should have seen it in its original run at the Hampstead as the theatre felt pretty cavernous for the songs.


I thought that the Playhouse felt pretty intimate for this, although we were in the stalls just under the circle, where it always feels smaller.


This was… ok


Went to see Sweat tonight and it may well be my play of the year, brilliantly angry and amazing cast. £10 tickets released each Monday


Saw it last night. RF & SO we’re amazing- best Shakespeare I’ve seen in a long time.


I’m Not Running @ the National.

Tedious, heavy-handed, simplistic, utterly implausible, way too long, boring set design and overly stagey acting from everyone involved.



Last person who got a ticket in the day seat queue for When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other was there at 6am today so I guess I’m not seeing that.


Can’t remember if I posted this at the time but the Young Vic has a production of Death of a Salesman which the west end needs like a hole in the head BUT starring Sharon D. Clarke, Arinzé Kene and Bunk from The Wire has my attention