Theatre bastards - The new class

Would have been, what, £12 in Edinburgh? Cultural phenomenon, I know, but that’s just silly.

It was about £10 when I saw it in Soho, admittedly in 2013

Would it be worth it from the cheap seats? £27.50 is still a lot.


Front row for The Starry Messenger (Matthew Broderick) has just gone on sale for £12 including booking fee.

Hamilton last night. :star_struck:

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Um, does anyone have a ticket for All My Sons at the Old Vic who might be willing to swap it for one on Safurday 1st June? I wasn’t expecting Liverpool to get to the champions league final and would quite like to watch it.

Old Vic are usually good at swapping, if there’s availability

Yeah, I’ve spoken to them. It’s totally sold out right to the end of its run. I’d have to keep checking for returns and try to bag those.

Is Come From Away worth a look? Had a friend recommend it to me

Saw Top Girls the other week. Went into it knowing nothing, was very odd at first and took a while to get into it but I really enjoyed it in the end. Loads to think about.

We saw All My Sons at the weekend.

Sally Field is great in it.

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Haven’t seen it yet but it’s meant to be great.

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I was all set to leave this at the interval because I found the dinner party so infuriating. I saw it very early on, and it’s clearly in the script and stage directions that they all talk over each other, but it seemed so forced and unnatural and was happening so often that I found it unbearable. Luckily once the scene changed it pulled me in and I’m glad I stuck around til the end.

Just nabbed a day seat for Anna at the NT, very curious…

Yeah I can see that. I was completely baffled by the dinner party stuff for a good 20 minutes until I just decided to go with it, but I also appreciated the change of pace afterwards.

Apparently in the original productions a lot of the cast doubled roles so dinner party guests would have recurred in appropriate roles, which I think makes sense.

Yeah I saw a great production of Top Girls years ago (with Suranne Jones, no less) and that’s what they did then.

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Really really enjoyed this. So glad I went. Great fun and quite hard-hitting in places. Took me by surprise once or twice.
Very impressive performance by the cast and crew too as it hardly stops for 90 mins or so.
Never been to The Phoenix before either. Lovely theatre.

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Oooooh Sunday in the Park with George is finally coming to London and it’s the broadway cast including Jake Gyllenhaal


I’m down in London with work this week. Is Vincent River worth seeing?

Very much so - saw it on Friday. Are you familiar with Philip Ridley’s stuff?