Theatre bastards - The new class

Not especially. Heard good things about it and trying to find things to do rather than sit around in a hotel

Ah ok - it doesn’t matter a jot, just that he’s always pretty bleak! It’s a great production.

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This was really good. Going to keep an eye on this thread and try and make catching a play a more regular thing for me when I’m down in London with work.

It was so intense, think maybe 30 people in the theatre so felt like you were in the lounge with them and absolutely incredible how they nailed the lines. I’m pretty naive to theatre but it must be so hard to both memorise the script and then also put 90 mins non stop with a lot of emotion into it.

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The Doctor at the Almeida is really terrific. I think it’s basically sold out now but will be amazed if it doesn’t transfer.

Saw Fleabag last night. I liked it but I reckon it’s a very different experience when you’re first consumption of any of it is when it’s already a hugely popular and successful thing. I kind of ended up with an opinion that was “I can see why this made her massive but I’m not sure that it works as well as a thing that exists that is massive” which is a bit odd.

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So the TV show did it better than the performance?

Worth paying £22 for one of those NT Live cinema screenings?

I’ve not seen the TV show so was completely flying blind.

That’s kind of why I had that reaction to it I think. It’s such a phenomenon that my first experience of it shouldn’t be the high-profile, ultra-in demand victory lap but it was so that pit me in an unusual position to be able to evaluate it I guess

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Fair, always find those things interesting though - like my dad seeing Trainspotting 2 having never seen the first one, and still really enjoying it and being able to follow it well enough.

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As a big fan of the TV show, I’m not bitter at all that you managed to get tickets :neutral_face:

Sorry. I do feel bad about that tbh.


And you should!

Cmon people! £22 for a Fleabag screening in a cinema, yay nay? Was all for it but at only an hour long …

I’d say worth it if you’re a massive fan, not worth it if you’re just intrigued

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I went to see Adrian Mole the musical last night. Was brilliant. The kid being Adrian was brilliantly goofy and precocious. If you loved the books, don’t miss this. That last sentence was for if the poster designers need a quote to promote it.