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Good stuff recently

Poet in da Corner - Tribute to Dizzee’s debut played out through the lens of someone raised as a Mormon and how she used grime to defend herself and break out of that. A bit slight (it was only 65 mins) but really enjoyed it. Its currently on tour.

all of it - Kate O Flynn delivers a monologue at lightning speed charting the journey from birth to death. Really good, shame it was only only on for a week.

Blithe Spirit - Jennifer Saunders in the physic role and its good fun as ever. Not sure why, other than it being a good role for an “older” actress, that this keeps getting revived though.

Bad stuff recently

Sugar Syndrome - Very dated and poorly acted melodrama about a teenager meeting a paedophile through an online chat room. Left at the interval.

I’ve been recommended Be More Chill. It doesn’t really sound like my sort of thing but I’ll probably go as I trust her but has anyone here seen it out of interest?

Going to see Leslie Manville at the NT next month :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Can’t wait

Going to see Endgame soon. Any good? Literally no idea what to expect.

A friend of mine saw it and enjoyed it very much. Apparently Daniel Radcliffe and Alan Cummings do a mini warm up play beforehand also…

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I went last night not really knowing anything about Beckett but loving Alan Cumming. I enjoyed both the plays and thought that Alan Cumming was great. The plays were funnier than I expected though and was an enjoyable evening though the didn’t quite have the punch or impact that I normally like from theatre. Also the cheap seats in the Old Vic are not appropriate for someone of my height.

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I liked it. Couple of confused Harry Potter fans sat next to me did not.

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Just to flag, the National’s Friday Rush is now only £10, rather than £20

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So did indeed go to see You Stupid Darkness last night…

Very entertaining. Laugh out loud funny all the way through. Each of the four characters brings something different to the mix. There’s some nice physical touches to the staging and performances too. Fair to say that sat in seat A2, I was quite close to the action…

Finishes tonight. Thanks for the tip @paulo13 :+1:

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Oh excellent, I’m so pleased you went along and enjoyed it too! I was three rows behind your seat, slightly to the right, but it’s such a nice sized theatre that any seat would be great!
And yes, I started off liking one or two characters to begin with, but then really ended up really liking them all.

The NT are uploading some shows over the coming weeks

Also Cyprus Avenue (which was meant to be great albeit bleak as fuck) will be available to stream from tomrorow,6STGP,9M55GA,R7UKB,1

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Currently watching Treasure Island. Very much enjoying it. Great staging.

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I sat behind will gompertz at a performance of wise children, looks like he liked it too (angela carter adaptation)…

Seawall has been uplaoded to YouTube

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barber shop chronicles free until Thursday. thought it was really good, but national be trollin’, fades be faded. weird to get a helen mirren advert when I clicked it, she was at the same bsc performance as me…

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i’ve had an incredible opportunity recently to start my own theatre company and i’m incredibly excited/terrified. dream come true.

Haven’t “launched” yet but will be in the coming weeks. wowee

Edit: " Just another WordPress site" whoops exposed

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Kitson isn’t my bag but he’s doing a tour of empty theatres, all being streamed live and at capacity of the theatre itself. So you just book a ticket for the date you can make and watch it live (it won’t be repeated and you won’t be able to pause)