Them double raspberry Magnums...

Don’t work do they?

Should be great but something about the outer layer of raspberry’s a bit sickly.

Would’ve been better with raspberry choclolate on raspberry ice cream. Just tastes like Turkish Delight (the bar, not the good stuff).

Smaller than normal Magnums as well.

All other flavours are a solid 8/10 or better.


Wish they made dairy free versions of those and the peanut butter ones

I feel the same about that double caramel one. its all too much and the caramel tastes burnt

Might get an ice cream actually. Nice one

@anon76851889 he’s getting raspberry magnums wrong :astonished:

Get a raspberry magnum, they are the best ones.

Not a raspberry fan champ

What did you opt for?

Disappointing choice to be honest

This thread has made me want a magnum, thanks

Ah yeah, I tired one of those last year and it was quite underwhelming :-1:

He is indeed.

Mods! Ban request!

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