🎢 Theme parks 🎢

What’s everyone’s favourite?
Which rides are you into?
WHen was the last time you went to one?
Ever had a season pass?

thinking of becoming a theme park tourist

Went to Disneyland Paris a couple of years ago, it was great. Loads of variety and the attention to detail is incredible. I like the rides for kids like Haunted Mansion though.

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I went to Alton Towers once.

It was really scary!

Queued for a big fast rollercoaster and was getting mad anxiety because I was trapped in this long queue and didn’t want to go on the ride any more.

I also cried at the Star Wars show when Chewbacca came out and am only a little bit ashamed of that.

I went to Alton Towers with school on a coach and it took forever and it’s the most I’ve ever needed to wee without weeing myself. Kind of felt like I was going to Jurassic Park that was the level of excitement on the coach. I was too scared of most of the rides but I liked the monorail.

I camped at Drayton manor with a friend from school and we said we’d wake up at midnight and go find the campsite girls but we didn’t wake up and I don’t know who these campsite girls were supposed to have been.

Been to Alton Towers a few times. My main problem with them is I’m not good with heights, which means I find the trundling slowly up to the top bit much more scary than when the ride actually gets going (which I quite enjoy).

Love Alton Towers. We go there quite a lot. This time of year is really good because they have it open in the evening so you can do rides in the dark and they have scare-mazes/attractions as well.

Oblivion is the best. Such a rush.

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Not been to one for about 5 years.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is my fave. Old, rickety wooden coasters. Pepsi Max. That weird Steeplechase thing.

Only been to Alton Towers once, too much queueing - only got to go on each ride once.

Keep saying I’m going to go to a theme park again but never get round to it.

Went to Legoland recently. Went for the weekend, along with 80% of southern England. Queues were ridiculous, worsened by the queue jumping ticket holders, which pissed me off a great deal. Rides were pretty tame, food was breathtakingly expensive. Log flumes are sheeeeeit, especially when you’ve queued for over an hour. Wouldn’t ever go again, although the hotel was good.

Kids absolutely bloody loved it though.

Went to Thorpe park and we took a load of space cakes. Veered between feeling disgustingly nauseous on the spinning rides and laughing hysterically at the little man on the bike on the saw ride


Never go to a theme park at the weekend. Ever.

went to disneyland florida when i was 11 which was the perfect age for it


Went to Europa Park in Germany this summer. Best day of the year so far.

(Mrs Huntspill loves a theme park and found it, and it was awesome. Built in the 70s and then a total rip off of Disney, but now with loads of killer coasters, not many people and a lovely German vibe)

:smiley: you look like you’re about to burst from excitement!


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haha in that pic i’m meant to look scared cos i was always scared of that witch from snow white!

i cried when i found out we were going cos i was so happy

looking back about 15 years later my parents admitted how much it cost them - that holiday lasted 3 weeks with the final week chilling on the beach so was much more than just going to the disney parks (there’s several theme parks plus water parks)

previous holidays we’d gone on were camping round Europe - and they bloody great fun - but i’m pretty sure my parents told me that each of those holidays cost well under a grand for everything wheres going to Florida was probably about £10k :grimacing:

i was a lucky boy!


Favourite theme park: Alton Towers
Best ride: Saw (Thorpe Park)
Last time at theme park: About 3 years ago
Ever had a season pass: No

Yeah my dad only recently told me how much work he’d taken on oil rigs to fund our Florida holidays. Feel a bit bad about that.

Flamingoland is very underrated

nemesis and oblivion are probably my favourite rollercoasters in the UK

sonic pinball was good tho, come to think about it

i can’t go on many rides anymore cos my hairline is terrible these days :pensive: