Themed weddings

Been thinking about them this morning because I’ve taken to wearing my Shrek ears around the house as a bit of… Je ne sais quoi.
Anyway you get Shrek themed weddings, don’t you? Loads of them.

Genuinely think that’s stunning and if I were to ever get married that’s what I’d want.



How do these things work? Do guests get allocated the characters they have to appear as? Couldn’t that end up being insulting?


She looks absolutely beautiful but he could’ve made more effort with that cap, IMO.

Another theme I’d be open to is aliens.

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I dunno, think it depends??
You’re quite right that it could be a minefield though.
Guests absolutely should dress up though, even if they just go as standard ogres (if the theme is Shrek, obvs would depend on the theme)

Bit unfair of her to not get into the theme


How fucking dare you, on the day of my themed weddings thread, come in here and show me a picture of my true love being wed to someone else? You’ve a cheek and a nerve and I won’t forget this.

Also don’t slag him off he looks so fit owww :cry: I hope she makes him happy :sob:


Are you suggesting people should dress up as ogres as default wedding attire?




Not surprised tbh, “John” seems like a “total slobbering prick” and my Gregg has better taste


just find it very, very funny that he’s such an unlikeable man that he had to get a colleague who doesn’t like him to be his best man. Deeply amusing to me (hate Gregg so much)


You’ve been invited to a Harry Potter themed wedding

The invite explicitly says that you are to dress as Dobby and that you cannot bring a plus one.

Are you going?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends who has invited me
  • I will respond with my OWN conditions of my attendance
  • Other

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HE ISN’T UNLIKABLE he would’ve just asked John for the ok magazine photos >:[

If anything that’d make me happier to go. No traipsing around Warehouse to find a dress, just a bed sheet and a sock. Love that.

Went to a wedding in the woods dressed all posh like and we got there and it was Game of Thrones themed.

The groom also got too drunk to do his speech and had to abandon it and sit back down.


Deep in his cups

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He went to bed immediately after and missed half of his own wedding. They’re still married

What was the best outfit?

Oooooh I’d be fuming at that

Lot of llama themed weddings