Themesongs (JAG for my radio show/playlist with mumbling)

Hola DiS,

I’ve just started up Themesongs, a radio show/playlist with me doing some inter-song mumbling. It’ll be ten delicious tracks on a certain theme each week, with varying amounts of me waffling on. Hopefully will flow and be a good playlist as well, rather than just a grab-bag. This first one doesn’t have much chat as the topic ‘Beginnings’ is a bit vague and I’m still finding my presenter voice, but as I go on it should get a bit more involved. And yes, I sort of stole the idea from Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour, but he’s the master music thief so I’m at peace with it. All candy-coated criticism welcome!


Second attempt - tried to be a bit more talky in this one

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i like your presenting

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Channelling Jarvis’ Wireless Nights on this one, trying for more of a guided meditation through the playlist

Think this is the best one so far, also much shorter than the others for some reason. A journey through diagnosis, treatment and convalescence with some ASMR style whispering and me awkwardly trying to integrate the featured musicians into the hospital setting.

Time for the beach! Made this one in a bit of a hurry as I was moving house but think it turned out decent

Rootin tootin gluten. Enjoyed mixing in some silly chef clips to this one.

I believe in bugs

A hairy situation

Education vibrations

Songs about them popular instruments. Quite a folky country bent to this one

take the space train on a tour of local planets

edit: embed isn’t showing up for some reason. and it’s Episode 11

Pitchforks at the ready, it’s the farming episode Ep 12

Non booze

For episode 14 the topic is Blood - -[]

Links working yet?


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Somehow just come across this. Cool idea - we did something similar with playlists for a drive across Australia once. Will check them out.

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Halloween special pt 1, witching hour

Paranormal goings on for the playlist this week