Theo GB. The greatest of all time. (Theo testimonial thread)

Can’t use the easy open lids that way.

And that’s why Theo is the GOAT.

This is his second retirement isn’t it? He wasn’t a mod for years on old DiS

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(they’re just Penguins)

oh look who it is, bad tone the tim tam denier

Banned one of my accounts.

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(the Turkish Delight ones are good)

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Did PrisonKeith survive the cut?

So much ^this. Have met some wonderful DiSers but never has someone so spectacularly knocked it out the park with their entrance. Proper lovely guy as well.

He was pardoned

Now posts as @keith, right?

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I think he might be a more fondly remembered user than I am.

The video of him consuming his first snicker is a definite classic.


His failed attempts to understand the anatomy and appropriate behaviours of the creatures he knows as human beings:

One of my all time favourite Theo posts.


First time I met Theo he said «Hi I’m Theo» and I just said YEAH I KNOW!!! So he probably still doesn’t know how to say my name. Sorry Theo

Everything is upside down in Australia OBVIOUSLY


Which means his tins must be the only thing that are the right way up!

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World class.


There’s genuinely a thrill whenever he enters a football thread.