Theoesque PC help thread

Have two different PCs that are stuck in endless windows update loops at the mo, one is win7 desktop and one’s a win10 laptop. Is there some easy way around it? Takes like an hour each time and then reverts anyway. Infuriating.

Solution: get a mac haha

I can’t remember how to fix it but I remember causing the same problem because my laptop shut down before the updates had properly completed.

I think there might be a way of looking up your update history and deleting any unsuccessful attempts, which might break the loop.

I’m no Theo but thought that might be why it’s happened.

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This happened to me ages ago. I cant remember exactly but I think I booted in safe mode, and either launched msconfig or run windows update manually selecting the updates individually until I found the bad one.


I’d start by booting in safe mode and disabling Windows update (not easy in Win 10 I think, but pretty simple in Win 7).

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I went for the nuclear option and reset the laptop to factory settings and re-installed all software and updates from scratch, It was a pain, but got there eventually. Before I did that, I removed the HDD and mounted it as an external drive on another laptop and backed up anything that I had not previously backed up before. Of course.

The desktop is a fresh install :disappointed:

Had something similar, and it was caused by something really banal like a USB mouse driver. Uninstalled the mouse, then the update worked fine - maybe try randomly deleting peripherals?

CWBAFT (doesn’t work)

have solved it on the PC desktop at least by running the ‘make windows update not be shit’ troubleshooting thing - why didn’t I think of that!

gonna try it on my laptop later