Theoretically getting away with a crime

Slashed to death lol


Have you ever used a self-serve till hyggers? If so the government has your DNA #mokerwasright #tinfoilhat #tinfoiltwat


This hasn’t happened in the UK (yet) but in other countries there have been large scale DNA collection programmes in order to solve serious crimes.

[spoiler]Like this one, where 8,000 men who lived nearby were asked to provide a DNA sample:[/spoiler]

Yes, it’s happened in the UK too, where people have been asked to volunteer (or been pressured to do so):

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crimes i have got away with

  • Shoplifting
  • taking drugs
  • speeding
  • probably some data protection stuff
  • some anti social behaviour stuff - graffiti , street drinking etc
  • sampling music i don’t have clearance for (is that a crime?)

well easy

seems like the opposite is true

Is this where you’re getting yr advice for yr court cases, and why yr always losing them?

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Oh man, he’s done you there @epimer m9

Voluntary DNA collection for a crime

  • Bleed me dry mates
  • Government aint getting my DNA

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Cut hair is identifiably different from hair that has been shed naturally or pulled out. I think the subterfuge would be pretty obvious.