Theory as to why everyone thinks Meowington is angry



Could it have something to do with your pissed off/angry looking avatar* then relating that to the content of your posts?

*Apologies if this is someone well known or from Gilmore Girls or something.


Everyone has always assumed non-existent anger with everyone else on here, it’s part of what makes the place tick.


Calm down


It’s Courtney Stodden, she’s not angry, she’s sassy (and recently bereaved :cry:)


She’s probably had enough of you fucking dumb jerks.


It’s just part of the joke isn’t it?


Brexit isn’t happening quickly enough


Maybe she read the 9/11 conspiracy theories posted in that thread too


Coz she 'asn’t 'ad anyfink to eat


fuuuuckin 'ell


Every time she’s 100% correct, but people are a bit slow to realise.