Theo's Facebook Squad, assemble!



What’s with that FB thing where you accept someone’s friend add and then immediately you get a message and it’s just FB saying “Hey, you just accepted their friendship, why not message them?”

I mean I actually can’t work out why they thought that was a good idea or what it’s suppose to achieve. Do people regularly accept friend adds from total strangers and then forget to message them after and ask who the hell they are or something?

Any other social media chat welcome in here btw.


I do have facebook!

I’d imagine it’s because they’re sort of separating messenger and facebook (at least in the mobile apps) so when you add someone on fb, it automatically adds them on messenger and notifies you


Yeah it’s really weird, cos it pops up like you’ve got a message from said person.


I’ll level with you theo. it is one of many things i find annoying about facebook.


You’re already barred mate. Get out.



why did you add me back into the thread title Theo. I’ve already answered your fucking question


Get caught out so many times making my phone request the Desktop version so I can view messages.



I was simply resetting the thread title, mate. You are a serial ‘I’m not onner’ and I allowed for other Social Media chat. :smiley:


Literally never claimed to not be on facebook. Obviously I’m not on instagram or snapchat or the other shit for vain babies


Sure mate. :smiley:


this is going straight into my top 250 stupid things people have said list. reckon at number 185


surely things get a pass if they’re only said in an attempt to get a rise out of Theo


Me and Theo still aren’t friends on Facebook.

I consider it the DiS version of a Cold War. I’m the good guys, obviously.


Hey, I should be first on that list. I have NEVER been on Facebook. Those chancers have.

Please apologise below.


this is a dubious badge of honour. I think you have to try everything in life at least once

2005-2006 here. one poke too many sent me into a mad spin and I blasted that nonsense into space


Literally have no idea who you are in real life, mate, which is probably one of the reasons…


I just assume all my threads are of little interest to you, TBH Balzy. Sorry.


I’ve just been massively burned by Theo.



I mean honestly, I’ve never seen you use your real name on here?