Theo's Utility Belt


So we know he has one of these :-

What else do you think Theo carries at all times clipped to his belt? What SHOULD he also carry?

Please include your workings out.


I dunno but I bet the belt itself is actually an emergency Cat5 cable.


travel adapter, even when not travelling

“just in case”


I saw Theo only yesterday and don’t think he had any of this nonsense on him so really you should stop spouting these lies.




Worst Irish superhero ever.





usb stick
usb to plug adapter


Haha lol Theo is only a cat 5!!!




When showing the constellations to my daughter when she was younger I told her that Orion was called Theo and that the three stars across his middle are Theo’s Utility Belt.


A collection of lockets featuring a lock of hair from every woman he has ever kissed.

A sextant.


‘The antidote’.


I have one of these (but a Peter Storm obviously) in my bag.


Sounds like he got you with his anti-reality spray.


Johnny Storm


I almost never wear a belt and I definitely do not clip things to it.

That’s because, unlike @Antpocalypsenow I am a man who values having a good, compact rucksack to carry any extraneous items.

I definitely DO NOT own one of those fucking stupid bags, but since Ant seemed determined to make a meal of carrying a bag around with him I thought I’d try to help.


Detachable loo roll holder in case the pub is a bit of a dive



+ travel plunger if going for an all day sesh