There are 8 guys in this pub playing Netrunner


We’re D&Ding and we look way less @penoid.

This is FAO @epimer and @plasticniki


Looks can be deceiving.


List of acceptable games to play in a pub


End of list


Darts? Dominoes?


Pool, he’s having a mare here.


I thought this was going to be a joke. Disappointed!


Hope you enjoy it!


Apart from Pool and darts. Was only thinking sitdown at the table games. Darts is shite, but a classic, so will allow
Hth yw


Why the fuck do you play D&D in a pub, yer freak


Darts and Dominoes?




I’ve had a long think about this for the last 2 minutes and I’ve decided poker, although perfectly acceptable in people’s houses as a social event, looks weird and takes up too much room in a pub. Also you probably have to pretend you’re not betting real money like a bunch of children.


Dogging and Dropping*



No …


We live all over London but work in central London so it’s actually more convenient. We book the room.


in pub related chat i was in this place last night


Average number of sexual partners for these eight guys?

0.125, i reckon.


Thanks Theo. Really illuminating stuff.


I walk past that games pub in Stokey sometimes too afraid to go inside in case I catch neckbeard