There are 8 guys in this pub playing Netrunner


The greatest game, but not for the pub


Might go there in a couple weeks. They have NES and N64s


Destroy everyone’s Diddy Kong records


Where’s that hell?


I feel like you asked for this clarification.


I dunno if you could do pub playing in a normal northern pub as you might never play what with all the strangers talking to you all the time :wink:


Kill jester


We tried to start a warhammer club at a pub called the greyhound but all the ferrets kept knocking our dollies over


this thread is like some alternative world.

people playing penoid shit in pubs?




Do they drink as well?


Tankards of mead


The pub wouldn’t be very happy if you didn’t partake of their food and drink.


No different to playing a game of rummy or cribbage or whatever. Except instead of clubs and spades and diamonds you’ve got pictures of anarcho-punk MaxX hacking the servers of evil Megacorp Haas-Bioroid by using icebreakers to circumvent dangerous firewalls. Obviously.




Identity: G-Mod.

@plasticniki is looking different to how I remember her.


Did everyone see I put TK in front of the MaxX? That is what you should be focusing on.


I trust 3 coffee beans for 10 rupees is a reasonable rate of exchange…



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