There are enough cafes now


Don’t open any more. If you’re in the process of opening one then let me know what stage you’re at and I’ll let you know if you should still proceed.


there are also enough bands
and children


Again, if you’re in the process, let me know what stage you’re at.


I’m currently in the dreaming/mild-scoping stage.



think we should do some sort of token type system whereby I know I can get a table at a café at 10 on a sunday… the 4 times a year I decide to go to one.



on whether they only serve cereal or not


I don’t think this is a goer, sorry. If you can secure premises by close of play tomorrow you can appeal.



the granola barge is no more


Agreed. Well done DingDong.


But this one’s going to be a record shop and a cafe!


less ‘artisan’ cafes
more tea in polystyrene cup cafes




I see you’ve lost on the apprentice before


I’d like the cafes we already have to be a lot better at coffee. So much disappointing coffee out there made by trained baristas with expensive machines.

Maybe we could adopt a ‘one out, one in’ policy?


greasy spoon cafe or coffee cafe


I think some places do that on their high streets.


To trim it down over the next decade, it’s a three out two in policy


There might be enough cafes, but there’s definitely too many estate agents. Let’s sort them out first, yeah?


There aren’t enough cafes.


This seems grammatically incorrect. Can anyone help?